Jewellery, as with all beautiful treasures, needs to be handled with care.

The Payets have lovingly designed their pieces – here are a few suggestion to assist in keeping your jewellery looking amazing!

It is important to remove your jewellery when cleaning, swimming, sleeping or doing strenuous work.
Carefully place your pieces back in their box or pouch when you are not wearing them.

Sterling silver naturally tarnishes when exposed to air, so regularly wipe your pieces with a silver cloth, being careful to avoid contact with any pearls or gemstones

We hope you enjoy wearing your jewels as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.

Payet Broome mabe pearl cuff

caring for pearls

Special care must be taken of pearls as they come from a natural organism and do not have the durability of gemstones. Never immerse your pearls in water or any other liquid.
Pearls are not brittle and can withstand knocks, however they may be scratched by harder objects.
Continued contact with perspiration, cosmetics and hair products may affect the lustre of your pearls.
We recommend that you apply perfume and other cosmetics prior to putting on your pearls.  Some commercial cleaners, ultrasonics and many household products such as vinegar, ammonia, chlorine and bleach should be avoided.
Pearl jewellery is best stored separately from other jewellery in a soft pouch or cloth.

Enjoy your Payet pearls

Payet Broome made pearl dish pendant

caring for cables & chains

It is important to prevent cables and snake chains from bending and kinking, as these cannot be removed.  Kinks may occur if squashed during sleep or knocked while showering or strenuous activity – better not to wear at these times.
Heavy pendants may also cause a kink, so check that the weight of the pendant is appropriate for the cable before attaching.
During storage, allow enough space so that the cable lies naturally. Please don’t force into a tight container.  The original box is best.