Payet gallery presents


Emily Jackson & Jonathon Thwaites

28 December – 18 January

Opening celebration 28th December 4pm – 6.30pm

Boodjidup “up is the place of, place of life, giving birth into country, healthy life in that place, bringing life to that place” Wadandi Cultural Custodian Iszacc Webb 

Payet Gallery presents the Boodjidup Exhibition, featuring the works of Emily Jackson, a printmaker from Margaret River and Johnathon Thwaites, a scultptor from Perth. From vastly different backgrounds their work is smiliarly divergent but both insipired by the beauty of nature. Emily’s work is vibrant colourful and excudes a positive ambiance.  Jonathon’s work is, the simple, quite and meditative and reflects the quieter more introspective moments of experience.  These two fuse as representations of the experienced world.  As we travel through life, we find at times one and then the other holds our attention. Both are valid interpretations of existence.