Payet Gallery has a beautiful collection of locally created ceramics, paintings and outdoor sculpture on display.

ceramics by Dariya Gratte

Payet gallery Dariya Gratte ceramics
Dariya Gratte etched porcelain cups
Payet gallery Dariya Gratte ceramics

“Over many years of living by the coast I have observed how our beaches change; sand being pushed from one beach to another by immense swells, sea life migrating in every different season, sea birds nesting and learning to fly, the sun setting in every colour possible, the play of light on the water.

Through the use of coloured clay and glazes, drawing and carving combined with use of the finest white porcelain I have strived to convey a feeling of the ocean.”

ceramics by Narayani Palmer

My exploration of clay has combined with my love of line and colour to create these somewhat quirky, whimsical forms that have been inspired by nature and a playful sense of the absurd.

My work is all thrown and either decorated with coloured slip and hand carved, or Raku fired.

paintings by Sandy Tippett

Payet gallery Sandy Tippett paintings

“I seek to capture the beauty, the tranquility, of all that is above and below the ocean. Nature is wonderful, may we all respect and preserve what she has given us.”

Payet gallery Sandy Tippett paintings

sculpture by Kashmir Rouw

Kashmir rouw spiral tree

Kashmirs’s work bears tribute to the nature and landscape of the Margaret River region in which he grew up.  His work is diverse, including large iconic public arts sculptures, photography, painting and fabric design. His sculptures grace the coastline from Gnarabup to Mainbreak. We warmly welcome you to wander through our garden and enjoy Kashmir’s sculptural treasures

Kashmir Rouw totem head