Payet create their designs using only natural gemstones.

The gemstone rings featured below are available for purchase from our website or in the gallery

Payet wide band peridot lolly ring
peridot lolly ring
Payet tapered garnet ring
garnet tapered band ring
Payet peridot narrow band ring
peridot narrow textured band ring
Payet cushion cut green quartz ring
cushion cut green quartz ring
Payet green quartz dish ring
green quartz dish ring
Payet aquamarine on narrow textured band
emerald cut aquamarine ring
milky aquamarine set in 9ct yellow gold on a textured sterling silver band
Payet cognac diamond textured ring
cognac diamond textured ring with carved sleeves
Payet 5 diamond ring
diamond & sterling silver 9ct gold ring
Payet yellow diamond ring set
yellow diamond twin band ring
Payet evening star ring
evening star diamond ring
Payet 3 gold diamond seaweed ring
diamond triple wave ring
Payet diamond and gold ring
diamond textured 18ct gold ring
Payet Tourmaline and diamond ring
tourmaline & diamond textured gold band
Payet ruby and diamond ring
ruby & diamond textured band