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Payet gallery pearl pendant

9ct Baroque fresh water pearl & tourmaline pendant

Payet avocado leaf earrings

9ct gold leaf-shape earrings

Payet long shape earrings

9ct gold long earrings


9ct gold textured & polished

Payet reticulated silver & 9ct wave bracelet

9ct gold wave & reticulated silver bracelet

Payet textured & polished twin band ring

9ct gold wave & reticulated sterling silver ring

Payet Abrolhos Island pearl and gold pendant

Abrolhos Island mabe pearl pendant

Payet two tone abrolohos island pearl ring

Abrolhos Island mabe pearl ring

Payet gallery pearl pendant

Abrolhos Island pearl pendant

Payet pendant

Aldabra jellyfish pendant

Payet pendant

Aldabra jellyfish ring

Payet gallery ring

Amber ring